gladformydreams asked:

NINA did you get info for Chicago yet??

Gucci Down The Boulevard Answer:

Ya hey :)
I’m like third row holla

Troye Sivan - Hit Play on Possibility

I know that I wouldn’t be here without you guys and none of these would be possible without you. So yeah, a massive, massive thank you and I can’t wait to see what we do next.

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STEAL HER LOOK - Angry black woman throwing table and catching chairs

  • Gold Angel Wing Earrings - $5.99 (sold at Macys)
  • Ralph Lauren Flowy Box Black Tank Top - $49.00
  • Nordstrom Royal Blue Sleek Leggings - $58.75
  • Hermes Black Birkin Bag - $18,999.00
  • Gold Collar Necklace - $5,989.55 (as worn by Rihanna)
  • Commercial Wooden Foldable Table - $54.35 (including White Lacoste Polyester Knit Tablecloth)

i laugehed

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